Islam Attack

The Islamic Political Invasion …
France Sacrifices Priest on the Altar of "Tolerance" by David Wood. A jihadi attack ends in the murder of a priest in France. David highlights the story of Abraham willing to sacrifice his son in contrast to the pagan ritual of sacrifice. The point is that the God of Abraham does not want blood sacrifice - but apparently authorities are unwittingly willing to sacrifice their citizens to the god of ‘Tolerance.’
On Taunting Jihadis Who Send Me Death Threats (David Wood), The fruit of Islam
26 Different Arabic Qurans (with Thousands of Textual Variants) and Counting the Eternal Quran
26 Different Arabic Qurans: Explained and Unpacked (Hatun Tash and Jay Smith), The incorruptible Quran
Ex Muslim Mosab Yousef: Allah is the god of Demonic Possession and Islam is Collapsing
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‘One perspective only’ - That is the American Perspective!
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