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Wake Up Call - Vital Refugee information
Brigitte Gabriel
Published on Jan 13, 2017
It would seem that there is a lot of resistance to concern immigration, at least it’s one more set of mantras the leftist anarchists can inflame a crowd. In its best light you might consider that the well-meaning among the crowd are simply being optimistic since they have not been directly threatened by an islamist, and likely don’t consider the very real danger to the country.

What threat to the country? The threat of welcoming sharia law above our own. With all the argument this one reigns supreme. We are allowing a whole mentality cloud our judgement by letting them cause all sorts of argument - except the one about sharia, the written legal code of islam.

A significant educational drive needs to take place, and a national dialogue needs to take place as to what are the acceptable limits of influence the American people are going to accept in regard to Sharia Law. Since we are importing adhearants of Sharia Law, and those people are becoming officers in our institutions - don’t the people deserve an unbiased education about Sharia Law?
Political and media elites have utterly failed to inform the American people about the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat as it relates to mainstream Islam and Islamic legal code.

How does Islam stack up to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? Why are we having so much problem with new immigrants from the middle-east?

Islam has three main texts - the
Koran, the Sira (life of Mohammed), and the Hadith (traditions of Mohammed). Sharia Law is the legal doctrine derived from these three texts of Islam.

Muslims link their religion intimately with their law because that is how they have lived and been taught since childhood. The difficulty is that American society operates differently in order to accommodate a wide variety of beliefs. Even within Islam are a number of varied beliefs.

America has separated religion and politics in order to have a well functioning society. Muslims can keep their own practices - but allowance for Sharia law must be treated in America as a separate cultural/religious issue. Because its laws are contrary to American legal code - it can not be allowed.

In the case of Islamic law we find that the political system is intertwined with religious beliefs. According to American view Sharia law is an enshrined legal code from the 7th century that has no place in modern times because it ensconces inequality and slavery, it’s perspective is unyielding, judicial proceedings myopic and punishments extreme.

Immigrants have always been expected to respect American laws. If an Immigrant wants to become an American citizen they must understand they are becoming Americans first and foremost.

Societies develop over a long time as a method of management and cooperation among citizens. Perhaps we need to understand that certain systems of governance do not mix well. If it is untenable for a muslim to adjust to American law and the freedoms of our society - go elsewhere. While Americans strive to do the right thing, sometimes the right thing is rejection.

The Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution is built to insure the place of our nation’s law above others - however, in America and elsewhere there is a massive contradiction in law that is being perpetuated, an oversight that has allowed Sharia law implementation thru American courts under the guise of ‘Freedom of Religion’.

This oversight would have probably gone un-noticed further if it weren’t for the stark and unyielding contrast that exists between the United States Constitution, and Sharia law.

The following is a call for protection, thru State and Federal legislation, to stop any type of Sharia Law being allowed thru American courts or implemented in any state, not because of ‘islamophobia’, rather because the two systems of thought and governance are simply incompatible.

Recommended Reading:

Dr. Bill Warners books/kindle available at Amazon

PDF samples generously provided thru Dr. Warners website:

Legal definition of ‘Religion’ according to Constitutional Law :
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Constitution of the United States :
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Request for state legislation that includes the wording ‘For any domestic issue, no court should consider or use as precedent any foreign or international law, regulation, or court decision.’
How to Contact Your Elected Officials
Learn how to get in touch with your federal, state, and local elected leaders.
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Use GovTrack to find out who represents you in Congress and what bills they have sponsored :
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Hillary's Islamization of America by Mark Christian - The Glazov Gang

Women’s Rights are diminished rights in Islam. When they say Islam upholds Women’s Rights, they mean Islam upholds Women’s Rights so long women ‘Keep their Place’.

What we have so far failed to recognize - was that the Muslim Brotherhood has been quietly making inroads to controlling the message that comes out of Washington.
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Lets widen our stance a bit. Make it a four party system by adding the Constitutional Republican and Constitutional Democrate parties. If people want the extreme right or the the extreme left - let them stay with the Republican and Democratic parties, or other.

Dictators whether they also be thru special interests, or globalist brokers, must be resisted and suitably addressed.

Does not a country thrive and grow thru trade. tourism and political discourse while it retains its identity, factories and national pride?

What does it take to head another way? The way we as Americans have agreed to - is to abide by our constitution.
Published on Jul 2, 2015
available now at Vimeo on Demand, Amazon, and
Trevor Loudon investigates the infiltration of US politics by powerful external parties. Full version available at Amazon and

H.R.3892 - Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015

Apparently the only ‘Russian Hacking’ that has come from extreme socialist forces trying to take over the country - is actually leftist ‘americans’ doing an inside job on the government thru the democratic party.

The ‘Hacking’ as pronounced by US high level officials - is actually intended to paint a facade. We just need to look at the historical documentation to verify.

Russian nationalists can be good partners with the US, marxist socialists and islamists working on the inside against the constitution need more scrutiny.

Published on Sep 30, 2015
The Muslim No Go Areas in Europe are bad enough. But there are worse NO GO Areas in America in several states.

Territory is being held within the United States that is treated by islamists as their own sovereign land where they maintain strict rule under sharia law and train in war.
Published on Dec 21, 2016
In 18th Century Thomas Jefferson Banned Islam From America, Thomas Jefferson, Muslims, Marines, American slaves, banned Islam, pirates, Barbary Coast, 1763, In the 18th century Thomas Jefferson banned Muslims and Islam from America. Muslim pirates in Barbary Coast were raiding American trade ships and taking the crew hostage. The U.S. Marines were created to fight Muslims.
Understanding the Threat Published on Jan 16, 2017
Suhail Khan is the son of famous Muslim Brotherhood leader Mahboob Khan. The Muslim Brotherhood's largest and most prominent organization in North America, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) has an annual award called the Mahboob Khan Award. Mahboob Khan founded the Muslim Students Association, ISNA, and other significant MB groups. In his own right, Suhail Khan continues in his father's footsteps. Suhail Khan was in the White House on 9/11, worked for two Secretaries of Transportation under President Bush, works with Republican strategist Grover Norquist, and continues to lie about the MB in the United States. Yet, Suhail Khan is still welcome in Republican circles. He is welcome at the Institute for Global Engagement, at the American Conservative Union, and elsewhere. Suhail Khan is a suit-wearing jihadi just like his father.
We as a nation have to come to a conclusion, that the constitution is a valid document aimed at giving each of us respect and freedom, and civil public discourse. The broadness of the constitutions scope at first glance seems too scattered and dis-arrayed. The focus however becomes razor sharp when the words truth, justice and United States sovereignty are realized.
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